After a very busy Christmas term, we all took a bit of a breather for the first half of
Spring Term. That doesn’t mean we weren’t busy in the background!

Mrs Annetts is in the process of ordering the new interactive white board for the hall
and we have just paid for another year of Doodle Maths for the whole school – £1400!!!
We can only do this because all of the parents and staff support us so generously – thank you.

This half of term we will run a couple of events so look out for our rescheduled Bages-to-
school day, 2nd hand uniform/tuck shop, and back by popular demand, another Break the Rules day!

Most importantly, don’t forget to save the date of Saturday 8th October for the biggest event FoCPS has ever attempted!


We are looking forward to the next Money Club draw, which takes place on Tuesday, March 15th. So far, not all ticket holders have paid entry into this draw, so a reminder please to everyone else to arrange your Standing Order / repeat payment with your bank! The easiest way to do this is to set up a repeat payment using your internet banking. Please contact us if you need the details. All payments need to have been received by March 8th to guarantee your entry. We will shortly begin selling tickets more broadly in the community, and hope to increase the prize pot as a result. But, as ever, you have to be in it to win it!


We all buy “stuff” on line all the time (if you are anything like me anyway!). Please remember, you can earn money for the school EVERY time you do this at no cost to you. We are set up on EasyFundraising where there are over 6000 retailers as well as Amazon Smile. Set up is easy, for more details visit our easyfundraising and Amazon smile pages.

For Amazon Smile ( The Friends Of Compton Primary School)


We are looking for a new secretary for FoCPS. This is a legal requirement so we are desperate. Not many duties required, just helping to create and store the minutes from our meetings (not many, approx. 4-6 per year). If you feel you could support this role, please send us an email at contact.focps@gmail.com

Spring Term Dates

18th March: Bags-to-school

24th March: 2nd hand uniform sale

1st April Break-the-rules day