Money Club

The FoCPS Money Club is here! A new School Lottery, giving you a chance to win cash prizes, whilst raising important funds for our school

What is it?

In essence, participants pay £10 every three months for entry into a quarterly lottery. School staff draw numbers from a hat to determine the three quarterly winners. Prizes are based on 50% of ‘revenue’, as follows:

  • 30% Revenue – Jackpot
  • 10% Revenue – Runner-Up (x2)

How does it work?

£10 will buy you a unique numbered key ring and enter you into the draw! Half of all sales proceeds will go into a prize fund, with a jackpot and two runner-up prizes. The rest of the proceeds will go towards supporting the school and children through the FOCPS. The Money Club is open to anyone 16 and over – teachers, parents, neighbours, friends and family members! And the more people who enter, the higher the prizes will be! If sixty tickets are sold, there will be a jackpot of £180 and two runner up prizes of £60 each! Draws will be happening quarterly, so remember – you have to be in it to win it!

Where can I get tickets?

New tickets can be purchased from ParentPay for parents, and we are looking at ways to open up sales in the wider community.Please note that once you have bought your ticket, you will need to setup a Standing Order with your bank to pay for future draws. Details on how to do this will be shared with you when you purchase a ticket.

Can I get more information?

Of course! The Money Club Rules are available here, otherwise you can email with any questions